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The Bereavement Center staff provides consultation to employers, school personnel, social service/health care workers, safety forces, and others.  Staff assists the individual in identifying the critical factors of a situation and developing a plan of action.  Consultations are provided either via telephone or on-site.  Examples include working with a family member who has to tell their children about a sudden death; assisting an employer in considering key workplace issues when an employee has died; helping a teacher work with a child whose family member is dying; providing a social worker with resource information; assisting a nursing home in identifying support group approaches.

Custom Program Design

The Bereavement Center is available to design and implement a program that will meet you or your organizations unique needs as they relate to the grieving and subsequent growth process.

The Transitions Center, C/O Hospice Care Corporation
3363 University Ave.
Morgantown, WV 26505
1.866.275.5677 (loss)
Phone: 304-599-7490
Fax: 304.599.1125

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